Furnishings designer

Armchairs, bedspreads, wallpapers and home textiles – everything that makes a house a home.

A house becomes a home only from the moment we find ourselves – our feelings, our comfort, our security and our stability. With mass-produced furniture, many people find it difficult to identify – there are people who believe that we need to surround ourselves with objects and accessories that help to charge with positive energy.


Fashion is a trend in a particular culture or age that most often influences dress, protocol, and social interaction.

If you can’t find the pieces you like in the fast-fashion stores, let’s create the outfit that suits you!

Choose from accessories that add not only to a dress but also to your personality.



We organize regular corporate and in-house workshops, where participants can get acquainted with batik art techniques and learn these techniques.

Private education

Private education is also available on request and you can request more information by clicking the button below.

Study Group

There are several classes for school-age children, which anyone who wants to try in the painter’s art can join. I believe that there is no child who is not capable of the art of creation!


Once a year, I wait a week for children and adults in my home to recharge and create, where they can learn the energy and spirits of batik painting.



It is my job to carry on and promote the art of batik – you can view my paintings in person in my gallery in Szentendre or by clicking the button below on my website.

If you feel you would like to smuggle more light, positive energy into your future flat or existing home, you can also contact me with an individual order!

In the case of an individual order, a personal meeting with the customer and his family is always required. In an informal conversation, we discuss dimensions, colors, and ideas.

Some of the paintings are already privately owned but you can purchase high quality prints or limited edition giclée art prints in various sizes.


With my lectures on the art of batik, my goal is to draw the attention of the audience to how much intercultural learning adds to a person.

During my study trips abroad, I became acquainted with cultures that are alien to us, which still determine my personality.

I believe that only by accepting, receiving and knowing others’ values can we live a full life.