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Batik & Indigo workshop by Cata Espina – Ancestral Journey

2023.12.02. # 10:00 - 18:00

The magic of Batik and Indigo together!!

You will take home an original 50x50cm cotton scarf with Batik designs and dyed with the beautiful Organic Indigo Blue.


Duration: 8 hours
Number of Students: 8


  1. What is the Organic Indigo?
    A brief history about Indigo and its importance as dye for the ancient cultures.
  2. Setting an Indigo Vat.
    How to prepare an Indigo Vat with Fructose by learning the 1-2-3 recipe.
  3. What is Batik?
    A brief introduction about the origin and particular characteristics of this ancient art.
  4. Waxing and Dyeing.
    The original process of waxing and dyeing by layering.
  5. Removing the wax.

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About Cata Espina

Cata Espina
Batik artist in Chile

Three qualities of Batik that conquered me:

​Batik is an unpredictable art. The effects that result from the sum of many colour baths and the application of the layers of wax never stop amazing me. The richness of textures and crackles are a surprise when the finished work is unwaxed.
In batik there are no mistakes, since there is always the possibility of making what could be a mistake part of the design.
The smell of wax in my studio.


Since I discovered the world of natural dyes, I decided to join and contribute a small grain of sand by generating a more sustainable art. Although combining both techniques has been a real challenge in terms of complexity, every day I am surprised and I love it more and more.

About Ur Eleonóra Batik Gallery

The Ur Eleonóra Batik Gallery was opened in 2013 in Szentendre’s pedestrian street, Dumtsa Jenő street.

This is the only batik gallery in Hungary.

This ancient textile dyeing process of Indonesian origin is on the verge of extinction, so my mission is to promote and maintain this technique through teaching and exhibitions.

This is the bridge between Europe and Asia.

The gallery also features original paintings as well as home and fashion accessories.

High quality prints and artistic giclée prints are also available in various sizes in the exhibition hall. We hold regular events where we see the people interested.


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10:00 - 18:00
32.000 Ft
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Ur Eleonóra Batik Galéria
Dumtsa Jenő u. 15.
Szentendre, Pest 2000 Magyarország
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Ur Eleonóra
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